Discord is a project made by a group of students as part of my labzone on the Work.Master programme at HEAD Geneva (Haute école d'art et de design).

Head invites visiting artists to come for a two year period to host a workshop on the MA program. My contract got extended to 3 years because of covid, with the majority of the first two years being online.

This project has taken its title from the online platform discord that we ended up using for a lot of our discussion.

The word also explains the lack of common ground in our ideas and interests as a group, as well as the clunky communication that the online platforms facilitate.

We started this project in 2021. When we first met we looked at each other's internet history or the things online we are constantly drawn back to, we swapped these references and made films using other people's influences and interests.

From chaos builds different rhythms
From the chaos we find the inbweteen spaces
Because of each in between the chaos becomes a rhythm
In between black and white there is all the colours
And because of these greys there is chaos

Notes made speaking to Ani

The end work is a process of negotiation as a group. We created a landing page that ties together all the works which you can then navigate away from to view individual pages and find out more about each artist and their work.

List of Works

Ani Kocharyan
WheN the two eNds come together_M

Single-channel HD video
02 minutes 00 seconds

Caroline Perrenoud
Tout va bien/Everything is fine
Single-channel HD video
12 minutes 43 seconds

Charlotte Laurent
Aucun sacrifice nécessaire
Single-channel video
03 minutes 00 seconds

Mohamed Maye
Single-channel HD video
06 minutes 43 seconds

Nicolas Ponce
The Second Place
Single-channel HD video
04 minutes 38 seconds

Virginia Garra, Viola Leddi, Nelson Schaub, Alfredo Coloma
Broken Dreams
Single-channel HD video
11 minutes 54 seconds 

All works courtesy of the artist